Walking through the sea of Christmas light displays, there is no stopping your inner child to come out and appreciate the beauty of these displays.  Forgotten are all the worries of another year gone by.  The atmosphere of Christmas joy

Ever noticed how events in unrelated people’s lives sometimes have a similar theme during the same period of time?  I believe that is when God in on a mission!  Early December 2012 was such a period where God was on a mission to recon

When 17 year old Lauren informed her parents that she intended to go to India for missionary work after her matric year, her mother nearly had a heart attack, but reluctantly they agreed and off Lauren went.  Now, nearly a year later, and almost

Most Saturday mornings all other members of the family are off doing their own things, so I can relax in my draw-stings in the garden, feet on the table, reading or just chatting to the Lord, or whatever, as long as it’s as little as possible f

A member of a four-ball golf group heard the news that he has terminal cancer.  It shook the whole group up!  A healthy man in the prime of his life!  They tried all avenues for a solution, but to no avail.  Then a member of t

Andre, while being a student, worked during July holidays at a business where the Boss opened every Monday morning’s meeting with reading from the Bible and prayer, before discussing the work at hand.  The Boss always insisted to stick to

Being co-owners of a business for 17 years, my husband and I fell into a very comfortable relationship – he does the ‘front stage’ thing and I do the ‘back stage’ thing, meaning that he attends the meetings etc., and I s
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