Written by Bianca Consunji – Courtesy of On the morning Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines, 56-year-old Peter Borromeo fell off the grid. Days before the typhoon was scheduled for landfall in Tacloban City, meteo

When I read this beautiful eulogy of a brother for his sister, I noticed throughout the article God’s bigger plan for each life.  Not having the bigger picture, we often ask the reason for many situations and events in our lives, but readi

Written by Wendell Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China – Courtesy of Bibles for China As we enter the month of December our hearts are drawn to the greatest gift the earth has ever received, the birth of Jesus. This year because of

Written by Erich Bridges – Courtesy of Worldview Conversation Blogspot Revenge, Retribution, Rivers of blood... That nightmare scenario was feared by many South Africans as the 1994 national elections unfolded. Generations of harsh white

Written by Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter – Courtesy of Christian Post An armed robber interrupted a jewellery party in Lake City, Fla., on Friday but left empty-handed after the women in attendance began chanting the name "Jesu

Written by Julie Payne – Courtesy of ‘The Alabama Baptist’ Even though a circumstance looks and feels so dark, God not only provides light, but He is the light Himself,” said Molly Anne Dutton, Auburn University’s rec

Written by Anahid Schweikert – Courtesy of Charisma Magazine Growing up in rural Alabama in the 1960s, Dr. Reggie Anderson’s childhood sounds like a script from a Hallmark movie. He was raised in a Christian home, and life on the farm

Extract from ‘The Last Christmas?’ – written by Jack Kelley, Courtesy of With a little study we can conclude that the Lord was not born on December 25th, but more likely in the early fall.  Therefore ou

Written by Taryn Hodgson – Courtesy of Gateway News A South African husband and wife team, Michael and Renee Watson of Frontline Fellowship, completed an epic seven months overland mission trip through 12 African countries this year.

Written by Andre Viljoen – Courtesy of Gateway News For two and a half years, Ken Langford, sat paralysed at home planning the day that he would take revenge on a young man whose drunken driving ‘ruined his life’. The accident

Written by Nico van der Merwe – Courtesy of his blog: God and Business As we move towards year’s end, I tend to reflect on the time past. A year ago fear and doubt lurked in my heart about 2013. How was I to finish the high school? Whe

Written by Bonnie – Courtesy of My name is Bonnie and this is my story.. I can remember wanting to die since I was eight years old.  In fact, at no point in my entire life up until just a little over a year ago, ca

Written by Jeff Schapiro (Christian Post Reporter) – Courtesy of Christian Post Dana Elaine Owens, better known as "Queen Latifah," says she once relied on alcohol to cope with the tragedies in her life, but it was her faith in God

Written by Jon Bennion-Pedley – Courtesy of J1010 It’s a funny old thing, faith. I have believed for nearly ten years in a God that loves me (albeit for reasons better known to Himself!), I have been sure that permanently living

Written by Kwakanya Ndleleni – Courtesy of Gateways News “Before you keep reading this I’d like for you to take a moment to pray that God gives you a reason each new day to hold on to Him and His goodness.” “I neve

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda – Courtesy of Christ for All Nations Dancing Mamas Yaoundé, Cameroon - Day 1, December 12, 2013 Dear Mission Partners, Tonight our Gospel Crusade here in the city of Yaoundé, Ca

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda – Courtesy of Christ for All Nations Jésus! Yaoundé, Cameroon - Day 2, December 13, 2013 Dear Mission Partners, Another amazing meeting has just come to a close here in Yaound&e

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda – Courtesy of Christ for All Nations The Chaos We Prayed for! Yaoundé, Cameroon – Day 3, December 14, 2013 This morning the Fire Conference came to a climax as Peter van den Berg preach

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda – Courtesy of Christ for All Nations Exalting Jesus Yaoundé, Cameroon – Day 4, December 15, 2013 300,000 people attended tonight's final meeting here in Yaounde, Cameroon. The c

Written by Anahid Schweikert – Courtesy of Charisma Magazine David Watson had a good problem. The church he’d been pastoring in Girard, Pa., Bethel Assembly of God, needed more space for its exploding youth ministry. Though they ha

This is not a testimony, but this teaching – from the perspective of Mary, mother of Jesus – meant so much to me, that I simply have to share it with you… Written by Jill Austin – Courtesy of Charisma Magazine, SpiritL

Written by Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter – Courtesy of Christian Post Pastor Derwin Gray told Saddleback Church attendees over the weekend that even though he had made it into the NFL as a player he didn't experience "auth

Written by Greg Yoder – Courtesy of Mission Network News India (MNN) — News reports last week told of Cyclone Lehar threatening to hit Andhra Pradesh, India, on Thanksgiving Day.  Predicted conditions included high winds and rough

Written by Luchae Gie - Courtesy of Gatewaynews Reports emerged this week of a Nigerian cook, who survived for more than three days in a sunken boat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean before he was rescued by South African divers in what he belie

Written by Jaime Hindman – Courtesy of Divine This is the story of Jaime Hindman, the Founder and Executive Director of Divine, a ministry that provides outreach and support for women in the sex industry in Orange County that launched in 201

Original article written by Kristy Etheridge – Courtesy of And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. —Matthew 10:28 (ESV) When Marzi

Article courtesy of Charisma News and Gospel for Asia As Gospel for Asia pastor Ugyen Tashi entered the prison, three iron gates loomed before him like grim sentinels. His heart felt cold when he passed through the first gate. At the second gat

Article Courtesy of Gospel for Asia Tambura knew the rice was an act of love, but she only felt pain at the sight of it.  After all she had sacrificed for her youngest daughter, Paadini, this is how she would repay her, by following another G

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Accra, Ghana – Day 3 (9 November 2013):  Dear Mission Partners, This has been one of those nights that are hard for me to describe. &

Original Article written by Ernie Amos – Courtesy of I recently stumbled across the website of Ernie Amos, a very passionate musician for Christ.  On his blog he wrote a short piece titled ‘Pure Thoughts’ w

Guest Bio by The 700 Club – Courtesy of Andrew Palau is the son of international evangelist Luis Palau and has become an evangelist in his own right.  He grew up in a godly family with two faithful parents who were amazing role

Written by Paul Strand – Courtesy of CBN News Last year Erin Stevens was a happy home-schooling mom of three and a pastor's wife in a growing church of several hundred.  Then, following a 21-day fast, she heard God speak—and w

Extract of Article - Courtesy of Mission Network News Online Since the Muslim Brotherhood took power (in Egypt), Christians have been the targets of violence.  Once the government was sacked, Christians had hoped that would change.  But,

With Halloween just a few days away, I think it is important for Christians to not only understand what is really behind this ‘festival’, but also to remember that Jesus has already won the battle over evil.  On the website of Woord

Written by Gari Meacham – courtesy of Every now and then I come across a story that has to be retold... This is one of those stories.  Beverly Schwind recalls a time when she and other willing volun

Written by Kat – Courtesy of Hi my name is Kat; I just wanted to give God glory for delivering me from mental illness. 10 years ago I got very sick, I could not walk or talk properly, and I had a tremor in my hand and se

Courtesy of Billy Hallowell - The Crystal McVea was always a churchgoer, but in her heart, she was never truly convinced of God’s existence.  That changed after she says she had a near-death experience that brought her face-to

Written by Joseph – Courtesy of Praise God, another one chalked up for the good Guy!  Way to go God!  Prayer works in His perfect timing.  God is good, good, good, amen.  Here’s a testimony of som

Written by Joe Savatore – Courtesy of & I sat, with two friends, in the picture window of a quaint restaurant just off the corner of the town-square.  The food and the company were both&nb

Original Testimony written by Paula Hardin - Courtesy of Paula had a tough childhood, full of disappointments, heartaches, and loneliness.  She lost her father at age 11 and by age 15 she attempted to end her life for the first

Another amazing contribution written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Kosice, Slovakia:  Jesus is Shaking a Nation! Kosice, Slovakia - October 19, 2013 Dear Missions Par

Written by Andre Viljoen courtesy of Melina Kala, 52 (left) and Joyce Ncamisa, 60 (right), with Elaine Watson of Love Story, which is partnering with the women in feeding homeless people in the Port Elizabeth city centre. The par

Testimony by Gerald Palmer – Courtesy of I just want to start by saying how happy I am to write this letter and how happy I am you are reading it right now, it is no accident.  God loves you and wants you free f

Courtesy of News24 Mumbai - An Indian policeman who got lost as a child at a crowded railway station has been reunited with his family after 24 years, thanks to a tattoo on his arm. Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade was separated from his parents in 19

Testimony Courtesy of Jon Bennion-Pedley – ‘And God blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part’ I’m 45 today.  With both my parents dying at 65 years old and a life that has

Original Testimony Courtesy of True to Life Quotes James and Sandra have been married for 14 years, but remained childless.  As Christians they believed that God will grant them the gift of a child in due time.  They were elated when the

This ‘story’ is not a testimony, but the way Jack Kelley so uniquely explains God’s love for us really meant a lot to me; therefore I decided to share it with you… A Feature Article by Jack Kelley – Courtesy of G

Courtesy of The Jesus Film Project Last year, staff in a North African office received a phone call from a woman who asked, "What do we do?"  The staff member who answered the call responded, "What do you mean, 'What do we

Original Story Courtesy of Mountain Movers & After 20 years of ministry in various countries, God lead Glen and Peggy to Kiev, Ukraine in 1993.  Weeks after their arrival they still couldn’t find housing, was still e

Courtesy of Holly Meyer for Post-Crescent Media If you're waiting for God to show you a sign, Harold Scott has a few he wants you to see.  The 72-year-old truck driver from Green Bay, Wis., pays for billboard space along some of Wisco

Note: Re-post due to popularity... Contribution of Afrikaans Video - Courtesy of kyknettv For 15 years I roamed around homeless and jobless.  On this one Friday night I was sitting at a crossing in Worcester, about 1km from a large filling

Original article written by Deanna Boyed for ‘Star-Telegram’ On Tuesday night young Jestin Joseph walked into a Fast-food outlet and asked the cashier for a water cup.  He then walked to the beverage machine, pulled out a semi-aut

I have no idea who wrote this story originally, and I know that it’s possibly fictional, but it’s such an excellent example of God’s incomprehensible, unconditional love for each and every one of us, that I just had to share it with

Courtesy of Joe F – Originally written by Joe F During the earlier days of his career, Joe lead a rough life, made ​​many mistakes and many enemies with his unyielding attitude.  When performing before a large audience,

Contributed by 13-year old Amy - Courtesy of Amy is an ordinary 13-year old girl, living an ordinary life; with divorced parents, her dad having a drinking problem and her mom has health problems.  Apart from all that

Courtesy of ‘News24’ Boston - More than $68 000 in donations have poured in from people around the country for a Boston homeless man who turned over to police a backpack stuffed with cash that he had found outside a shopping mall. T

Contribution by Ansie de Vos I always thought that a parent must be extremely negligent to drive over one’s own child… how easily I threw stones around!  During the July school holidays, my 4 daughters and I were at home; Ren&eac

Original Articles written by Piet Matipa - Courtesy of ‘Beeld Newspaper’ Jan Hendrik Jooste, a 20 year old first year student at the University of Pretoria and fellow student Soné Verster, 19, visited a public park in Pretor

Original Articles written by Robbie Hift & Andre Viljoen - Courtesy of ‘Gateway News’ Van Stadens Bridge is the first of 5 large concrete bridges on the beautiful N2 Garden Route highway which runs along the Southern coast of S

When I stopped at office, while taking my bag from the trunk of the car, I saw a madala (African word for a very old man) searching through the dustbins.  I didn’t really take any notice of him.  Still merrily busy with my own thought

Liezl is totally dependent on her car for transport to and from work, but during the past few months her car gave more problems than pleasure.  Every time the car breaks down her father has to help her out.  On Friday morning, when her c

Original Article written by Arlene Wallace - Courtesy of ‘Christian Prayer Centre’ Hi, I'm Arlene Wallace.  This is my story... I want to tell you about how truly blessed I am.  I am the mother of three beautiful child

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Tanzania:  Nearly 5,000 New Converts in One Church - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Day 4 (August 25, 2013) Dear Mission Partners, To

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Tanzania:  A Snake Spit in Her Eye! - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Day 3 (August 24, 2013) Dear Mission Partners, We are rejoicing

Written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Tanzania:  Unprecedented Church Unity - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Day 2 (August 23, 2013) Dear Mission Partners      

This contribution was written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda during the recent mission crusade of Christ for all Nations in Tanzania:  Extraordinary Days! Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Day 1 (August 22, 2013) Dear Mission Partners, The fi

I read on a friend’s Facebook page that a colleague told him recently: "My only experience with church, Christians and Christianity was a list of do's and don'ts – or else you’ll go to hell.  My interactions with C

I came across this post on Facebook which I just have to share it with you: This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced.  Our 14-year-old dog Abbey died last month.  The day after she passed away my 4-year-old daughter Me

This is by far the shortest testimony I’ve ever received, but it is so powerful that I have to share it with you.  Here’s what I’ve received: ‘He was in tears, all he could say was: pray please, there has been an a

Courtesy of Jon Bennion-Pedley, J10:10 This is the testimony of Jon Bennion-Pedley, founder and Ugandan CEO of J10:10.  Yes, it’s a long one, but a must read, so kick off your shoes and grab a coffee… “In summary I was a

On this Sunday morning, 19-year old Katie Lentz was driving from Quincy, Ill, to Jefferson City, Mo, intending to attend church there with her friends.  In a collision with another vehicle, the top of Katie’s vehicle was crushed into a twi

Johannesburg - A South African man living in Australia says a kangaroo kept his lost 7-year-old son warm on a cold winter's night.

During a recent 4x4 adventure a 27-year old lady was involved in a terrible accident.  She broke 2 cervical vertebrae (neck bones).  When these vertebrae are damaged, there is a sudden loss of nerve supply to the entire body, affecting brea

To Jano, like most mid-20 year old men, Friday night meant party night so he was rather reluctant to attend the short, weekend course his employer convinced him to attend, but he went anyway after convincing a few friends to go as well. They found

When I received this contribution and saw the pictures, I was stunned!  There is no way in this natural earth that the driver of this vehicle could survive this collision… but then again, God hasn’t seized to amaze me! All th

Yesterday I wrote about Rev. Lyle who lived as a homeless man for five days and posed the challenge to really ‘walk the talk’.  Well, God posed that exact challenge to me in a very real way less than an hour after printing the final

Courtesy of ‘The Leaf-Chronicle’ – Greg Williamson Original Article written by Tim Parrish for ‘The Leaf-Chronicle’ During April this year, Rev. Willie Lyle heard that he was appointed as the new pastor at Sango Un

Contribution by Dorette van Sittert While cutting my husband’s hair before the wedding we had to attend, I realized that my 15 month old son was missing.  We noticed the door to the swimming pool was open, so I yelled to my mom to pleas

Earlier this year, when an internationally known athlete shot his girlfriend, debate about his intent was rife!  The newspapers reported on nothing else, publishing every little titbit they could get their hands on.  Within a day the public

Written by Bill Yount A lion roared inside our mothers' wombs: "I have called you to be a prophet to the nations."  Think of it.  God calls us to be a prophet to the nations.  Nothing in me to this day can get a handle

I read on a friend’s Facebook page that a colleague told him recently: "My only experience with church, Christians and Christianity was a list of do's and don'ts – or else you’ll go to hell.  My interactions with C

Contribution by an Anonymous Reader I've always been a Christian and growing up in a Christian family has been the greatest blessing.  A couple of weeks ago though, I was low on 'Spirit juice' if you could call it that.  I wa

Philip, an actor and musician, is a very special and unique guy, a true diamond in the rough!  God must really have fun and a few laughs listening to Philip as he continuously communicate with God every minute he gets. On this specific Saturd

Driving to work, singing along with the car radio, Linda changed lanes to pass a slow driving truck.  The next minute the truck swerved and slammed into her car.  The impact of the collision was severe, badly injuring Linda and turning her

Francois, a friend of mine, was in a serious accident at the end of 2012.  While under the influence of alcohol, he fell of the back of a moving ‘bakkie’, landing on the back of his head, fracturing his skull. Francois had a poor pro

MJ’s story began late 2009 while attending a course to learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit better.  MJ and his wife received a prophetic word from the tutor that large doors will open for them.  This word was later confirme

I just found this exciting article from the Prophecy News Watch site, so here’s an extract for you: Forget hitting the greens, it's the fairway to heaven which is on the minds of some of the world's top golfers.  From Augusta

It was a sweltering day when Riaan went to see his client.  His car was recently stolen, so he was dependant on lifts by friends to attend his meetings.  As he was waiting for his lift to arrive, already late for his next appointment, an el

It was another day at the office when Jano went for the scheduled smoke break.  Deep in thought he watched as a worker from the neighbouring building walked past, holding his hurting hand in a rather awkward position.   Jano asked the
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