Courtesy of  Ruth Malhotra, Contributor, The Christian Post The sights and sounds of Christmas were on vivid display as hundreds of people gathered with fascination to watch and listen to the presentation. The music was loud and

Courtesy of Laurice Chavez, ChristianToday The Africa Lighthouse Baptist Temple has received an early Christmas blessing. An anonymous donor wrote a big check for the church located in Albemarle County, Virginia, a gift that enabled the congreg

Courtesy of Daniel Kolenda, Cfan “After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Courtesy of Leonardo Blair, ChristianPost A Tarrant, Alabama Police officer who became an Internet sensation after he decided not to arrest a grandmother he caught shoplifting eggs but to buy her some eggs instead, went a step further this week wh

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, GodReports At a tender age, she became convinced boys only wanted one thing – sex. After she lost her innocence and got turned off by boys’ aggressiveness, she gradually moved toward the gay lifestyle. Despite a

The Message of the Magi (Part 2) Courtesy of Daniel Kolenda, Cfan The Mysterious Star “After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the plac

Courtesy of Daniel Kolenda, Cfan “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, ‘Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?  For we have see

Courtesy of Jack Kelley, The following question was emailed to our “Ask a Bible Teacher” column this week. Since it’s such an important question, I’m responding in our feature article format so as to

Courtesy of GoodNewsNetwork When a young Filipino girl received a Christmas gift-filled shoebox in 2000, she couldn’t have imagined that one day she would meet the 7-year-old boy from Idaho who packed the box in a small town 7000 miles away.

Courtesy of Paying Medic As I drove to work I wondered who would be healed today. God had been doing more miracles through me when I asked people if they wanted prayer. Healing wasn’t just an occasional thing anymore, but a lifestyle. We

Courtesy of Charlene Aaron, Marcus Stanley is a talented pianist, playing for some of the biggest names in the music industry. His career almost came to a tragic end when he was shot eight times at close range. Thanks to divine interven

Courtesy of Michael Ashcraft and Mark Ellis, GodReports Born into a family beset by drugs and gangs in Pacoima, California, his future prospects seemed dim. Junior Cervantes displayed athletic promise on the soccer field, but depression dragged hi

Courtesy of Heather Clark, Christian News A former lesbian turned Christian is coming out about her conversion from living as a homosexual, and is testifying about the power of God to change a life. Jackie Hill Perry, 25, is a spoken word poet,

God told me that we are now entering a new era where the whole world will know that God is in control and that He is the one and only true God… Courtesy of Ryan Lestange, Charisma Magazine It seems like so many times recently during

To me Jon Bennion-Pedley remains an inspiration of obedience to God!  He left his wealthy lifestyle to go to Uganda to truly do the work God’s has called him to do… Courtesy of Jon Bennion-Pedley, Founder & CEO of J1010 I

Courtesy of Praying Medic From their guest blogger today is Steve Harmon. This message was originally posted here.  One day me and a few friends were hanging out at a church and we met this guy. You could tell that he was extremel

Courtesy of Vincent Funaro, Reported - Christian Post Members of a Chicago church who were given $500 each made possible from a real estate deal the church received are using their share to help various programs and initiatives around the city.

This is the third or fourth prophecy - all from different places around the world - prophesying the coming of a totally new season into which we, as God's children, will enter now...  Courtesy of by Rene Picota, SpiritFuel The Lord say

Courtesy of Breaking Christian News "The truth is, I was almost killed tonight and God intervened. I know conceptually He can do all things, but to physically witness the impossible and be surrounded by such grace is indescribable. To God be

Courtesy of Todd White, Lifestyle Christianity Hello Everyone! This is Todd.  First of all, I want to thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers.  Prayer is a strong force in the kingdom and the effects of prayer

Courtesy of Philippa Smyth, I think a mother's life, certainly in the early years, would always include "interruptions" as part of a description of life. Conversations, reading a book, sitting down inevitably get interru

Courtesy of J Lee Grady, CharismaMag My friend Rafael invited me to preach in his church in Humacao, Puerto Rico, last June. It was Pentecost Sunday, so I brought a message about the Holy Spirit's power. Then I asked God to use me in a sup

Courtesy BreakingChristianNews BOCA RATON, Fla. - Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro had gone 45 minutes without a pulse when doctors called her family into the operating room and told them there was nothing more they could do. A team of more than a dozen

Courtesy of GatewayNews Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa An ‘angel’ appeared in the sky above Port Elizabeth recently says Marlon Bacon who managed to snap the heavenly apparition on his cell phone before the cloud formati

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, GodReports There were three attempts on his life while he worked as a male prostitute. Even though he hated God, he sensed that God saved his life on each occasion. At the core of his being was a hunger for love he never co

Courtesy of BCN & LifeSiteNews "There's nothing else I could think of that I could even start to give credit to except for my faith in God." -David Williams (Newport, AR)—Thirteen years ago, David Williams of Newport, Ar

Courtesy of Daniel Kolenda, Cfan Kumasi, Ghana - Day 1, November 06, 2014 Dear Mission Partners, I’ve just returned to my room after an extraordinary first night at our crusade here in Kumasi, Ghana. I can truly say that we haven&r

Courtesy of ChristianAidMissions While an indigenous ministry in Ghana teaches mothers how to guard against malaria, its radio station labours to extend the message of Christ's saving grace. Members of a ministry based in Ghana are figh

Courtesy of The Christian Telegraph During the seventh International street evangelism “The Gospel changes” that took place on October 18, about 2,483 567 people accepted Christ, said the press-centre of the movement “Gospel

Audio Bibles available (mostly) for free in 848 languages! Courtesy of Faith Comes by Hearing Audio Bibles connect modern technology to the Word of God, with the timeless result of sharing God's Word with people who hunger for spiritua

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, GodReports She has been a Christian since she was 19, raised in a conservative church that came out of the Anabaptist movement. In her early 60s, she had such a powerful vision of heaven she could barely speak of it, a visi

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, God Reports In his fetish shrine – filled with inanimate objects of worship – he served as mediator between the living and the dead. Many feared him in the village, until God’s Word brought transformationa

Courtesy of Adele Neveling “From the dark underworld of Satanism, to a life of freedom through the Blood. The testimony of Adele Neveling” - Sacrifice I couldn’t imagine getting out of Satanism any other way.  I believe v

Courtesy of Gateway News Greytown businessman Clive Tedder says he wept like a baby early on Saturday (October 11, 2014) morning after he realised that God had miraculously healed his heart after farmer-evangelist Angus Buchan prayed for him durin

Courtesy of Jeremy Carney, Feast of Tabernacles – International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem Over the last few days our schedule became fast paced, and, as mentioned in the previous entry, I was exhausted!  I had to take a break fro

Courtesy of Andre Viljoen, Gateway News “I experienced something different this year. I experienced an urgency of the hour,” said South African farmer evangelist Angus Buchan following his return this week from the Christian F

Courtesy of In His Name Ministries Makuleke Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, South Africa: 6 – 12 October 2014 DAY 1 and 2:  The first two nights of our crusade have been nothing short of glorious. Waves of redemption and healing have floode

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, GodReports Last year the U.S. Centre for World Mission began equipping thousands of churches in Latin America to pray for the Pashtun, one of the biggest least-reached people groups in the world. The Pashtun number over

Courtesy of Christian Aid Mission Children from impoverished families in Guatemala face oppression on several fronts. Illiteracy thwarts them, gangs come to schools to recruit them, and parents routinely beat them – sometimes killing the

Courtesy of Christian Aid Mission Working in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region day and night to help meet the needs of people displaced by the threats and violence of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul and other areas, members of an Iraqi minist

This is a lengthy study, but very interesting. Enjoy… Courtesy of Jack Kelley, GraceThruFaith. A Bible Study by Jack Kelley The fall is arguably the most important time of the year in Judaism. Three of Israel’s holiest days

Courtesy of writer, Wayne Sutton, SpiritFuel Newsletter There are times when God wants to speak and share revelation with us as his children, yet we drown out his voice with our own predetermined agenda and “conversation” with our

Courtesy of Andre Viljoen - GatewayNews  As Christians we are often unaware of the effect we have on other people and wonder if there is any purpose in much of what we do, said David Cape, who over the last 26 years has walked thousands of ki

Courtesy of Stephanie Samuel - Christian Post Once a notorious gangster, drug dealer and pimp, John Turnipseed knows what it's like to feel trapped in sin. Now a licensed minister, Turnipseed wants those struggling to make a change and to kno

I’m sharing this teaching with you because I think the authority we, as believers, have in Christ is probably the best kept secret in the world.  With one look at the news, we have to agree that our world is in chaos and crisis. 

Courtesy of Kristiana Scott, Chance and Stephanie McMinn talk about “the accident” with unwavering humility. July 23 marked three years since a night of drinking landed Chance in the hospital — he’d fallen

Courtesy of Sarah Zagorski, In 2006, Paul Janssen was in a tragic car accident and almost died. The accident left him in a coma and doctors told his family he probably wouldn’t survive. They even asked if he was an organ don

Courtesy of An eyewitness to a fatal head-on collision on the N1 near Worcester on July 17, 2014, told a local newspaper that a truck attempted to overtake another vehicle and drove into the path of three oncoming vehic

Courtesy of Christian Aid Mission Fatima, an Iraqi woman who fled atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIS), was drawn to the sound of singing in a tent in a refugee camp in Dohuk, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. She approached cautiously.

Courtesy of Earlier this year, Israel took the first step in recognizing the nation’s Christians as an independent minority. Now, local Israeli Christians can register as a distinct ethnicity, as well. Lumped togethe

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, At only 14 she was captured from her dusty village on the western Ninevah plains by ISIS fighters, then given as a bride – a trophy of war — to one of their 50-year-old commanders. By God’s

If you’ve watched the Holy Ghost Movie, you would’ve seen Todd White.  Wherever he goes, miracles follow!  He has taken Christianity out of the church and into the streets, turning it into more than a believe system – the

Courtesy of Writer Andrew Branch, North Carolina-based missions group, SIM, identified a third American diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia, even as survivors, Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly, began to tell their stories. During a Sept

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, Louis Zamperini, the World War II hero and inspirational speaker – known for his bold profession of faith in Christ — died from pneumonia in Los Angeles on July 2. He was 97. Louie and Cynthia

Courtesy of Daniel Kolenda, CfaN Kigali, Rwanda - Day 1 (August 28, 2014) Dear Mission Partners, Tonight our Gospel Crusade began here in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. This is the city where the Rwandan genocide began 20 years ago. The scar

“You won’t believe what happens when the Holy Spirit directs a movie! God made it very clear that our only job with this film is to give Him as many chances to work in peoples' hearts & lives as possible. If we can accomplish that

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, When a young Hindu couple discovered their four-year-old had leukaemia, their first instinct was to visit the temple and seek healing from their many gods and goddesses. But when his condition got worse and t

Courtesy of Senior Film & Media Reporter, Brent Lang – Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lauren - Wireimage Heavy metal and Christianity don’t often mix, yet Brian “Head” Welch, lead guitarist of Korn, i

Courtesy of Andre Viljoen, GateWayNews Jenny Langereis has learned to trust the God of the miraculous in difficulties and in grave danger. But she says it was not always so. There was a time when she lost her faith and she did not believe it, 1

Courtesy of writer, Samuel Smith – It's been almost 35 years since that fateful day on Dec. 8, 1980, when Mark David Chapman fired shots that echoed around the globe as they killed one of the world's most beloved si

What a brave person to be this honest and open about her personal struggles and challenges.  We can all relate, each of us with our own private struggles… My Testimony: "I Struggle With Alcoholism" Courtesy of writer, Mega

I believe God showed many people around the world that a Global Harvest is coming – God even showed me, an ordinary person, to be ready for the Great Harvest.  Some had visions, others had dreams, but one thing is sure, a harvest unlik

Article and photographs Courtesy of Melanie Pritchard, When I was pregnant with my first child I researched doctors and hospitals, knowing that not all hospitals and their doctors look upon unborn children as equally hu

Courtesy of writer Nicola Menzie, Christian Post NEW YORK — MC Jin recently shared his perspective on his journey as a Christian making his way in a faith-based market, after initially finding success nearly a decade ago in the secular i

I recently saw a post or mail ‘advertising’ a new movie called ‘Holy Ghost’.  I obviously had to see what all the fuss is about, and this is what I found… Courtesy of Wanderlust Productions About the &lsq

Extract Courtesy of Chris Mitchell, CBN News & CharismaMag When someone gets baptized in this house church, people clap and cheer like fans at a World Cup match. While they've suffered persecution and often fled for their lives, they s

Courtesy of Rick Joyner, MorningStarMinistries Adam was God’s agent to rule over the earth. When man sinned against God, all that had been placed under man’s dominion suffered the consequences. Death entered the world and all livin

Courtesy of writer Mark Ellis, GodReports After a young Muslim woman named Samaa Habib came to Christ, she endured intense persecution from her family and the surrounding community, but even greater torment lay ahead when her thriving fellowship o

Also last week… Extract: Courtesy of Stuart Winer, Times of Isreal An Orthodox infantry brigade commander said that divine miracles protected his soldiers during the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Winter claimed to have witnessed a

Extract: Courtesy of Israel Today Staff, Israel Today Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system has been wildly successful during the current Gaza war, but on occasion it can and does miss incoming terrorist rockets. One would think th

Courtesy of The Inquisitr Gaza Strip Hamas Complain, ‘Their God Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In Mid-Air’ Headlines in Israel claim miracles are protecting the Jews during the Gaza Strip ground war, with one headline proclaimin

Courtesy of Cindy Jacobs, CharismaMag Mike and I just travelled to Asia to teach in Korea and Hong Kong. We were scheduled to go to Korea two years ago to minister, but I cancelled to stay at my sister's side the weeks before she went to H

Courtesy of Cath Martin, At one time, life for Ryan Ries was a swirl of sex, cocaine abuse, skateboarding and partying - until he picked up a Gideon Bible in a hotel room. The downward spiral has its roots in a chance dis

Courtesy of Brian Stiller, ChristianPost Photo Courtesy of South Africa The Good News - CC I stood in the cell where Nelson Mandela spent eighteen of his twenty-seven imprisoned years. While it now appeared unremarkable, it still seemed so

Courtesy of GatewayNews A line cook at Gino’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge saw a divine sight when he cut into an eggplant Monday. Chef Jermarcus Brady says he found the word “GOD” spelled out in seeds as he was salting and saut&

Courtesy of Anugrah Kumar, ChristianPost Christian pop singer Rebecca St. James is praising God that wildfires "miraculously" stopped just feet from her home in Southern California, but she is concerned about some of her neighbours w

Courtesy of Sharon H, East Rockaway, NY – Touched by the hand of Have you ever been in a situation where you feel alone, lost, darkness all around and thought God had forgotten you existed? We all experience times like these.&

According to this very interesting article, ‘research shows that belief may well be part our design’!  Enjoy...   Courtesy of Mike McHargue, When I was a kid, my Sunday School teachers told me tha

Courtesy of Morgan Lee, The Christian Post Just three weeks after arriving in the United States from Kuwait, Naeem Fazal was at his brother's house one particular evening, ready to get some sleep. Fazal, who was still a Muslim when he reloc

Courtesy of Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Thousands came forward to accept Jesus in their lives at the Festival of Hope in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on Sunday, as Franklin Graham shared the gospel and asked the crowd, "Will you accep

Courtesy of Heather Clark, GREENSBORO, N.C. – An 89-year-old war veteran is sharing his story of how a pocket Bible that he carried near his heart saved his life during WWII. Greensboro News-Record reporter Jeri Row

When I first read this testimony, my typically human-mind thought that she probably just counted incorrectly the first time round. Then God reminded me of the multiplication of the fishes and bread in the Bible (Matt 15:32-38) and the section which s

Courtesy of Mark Ellis, Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who gave birth in prison after receiving a death sentence in May because she allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity, has been freed, according to the Christian advo

Courtesy of GatewayNews & God Reports No one guessed little Giselle had a heart problem until a routine doctor’s check-up at seven months old. But her short, joy-filled life ended with visions of Jesus and heaven, a comfort to those who

Courtesy of writer, Serious I have to share this because I received direction 5 minutes ago that I’m blessed, to be a blessing. The manifold grace of God, ministering one to another as you have received. I’m titling

Courtesy of Tamryn Klintwoth, & In His Name Ministries Last week in Mpumalanga, South Africa, heaven touched earth.  From May 7 to 11, my team and I held a five-day crusade in the precious community of Matsulu, located a

Courtesy of Martin Blount, his daughter, Amber, and his wife, Nina, plan to set out next month on a 3 000 to 6 000 km horse riding journey for Jesus. During the ride they will promote a cowboy church they plan to launch in South

Courtesy of write Charles Gardner, Ali Pektash, a speaker at the At the Crossroads conference currently underway in Jerusalem, became a Christian while on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The conference is aimed at deepening reconciliation

Courtesy of By Mark Ellis & Melissa Nordell, GodReports Christopher Hein, 17, of Athens, Georgia was driving to school on March 14 when the sun blinded his eyes during a left turn. Little did he know that an 18-wheeler was barrelling down on t

Courtesy of Ellen Stumbo, Sweat drenched my back under a heavy winter coat; a weighty and oversized backpack hung on my back, a child was strapped on my front, and I tightly gripped a large suitcase. Amidst morning breath and

Courtesy of News24 and The Witness Durban - "I honestly don't know how I survived this, or how my car was rear-ended during the chaos. I can't erase the image of that man and the flames. It was just too much to bear.” Kirstie

Courtesy of Andre Viljoen, A Despatch family is heading back to Lesotho next month with 500 Bibles after their lives were changed forever during a trip last year in which they handed out 50 Bibles in a remote mountain village. Ne

If you haven’t read Jon’s testimony, you’re missing out on an amazing story of how God transformed this man’s life – in his own words he used to be a selfish…, alcoholic, convicted criminal… saved by th

Courtesy of writer Mark Virkler, Charisma Magazine I tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. The thought kept going through my mind: “What if I died tonight? I’m not ready to go to heaven.” Since I could not shake the th

Courtesy of writer Mark Ellis, People in the community worshipped her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to

While reading these two articles earlier today,’s slogan immediately came to mind: ‘witnessing Spiritual change’.  In China Christianity is growing at an amazing rate, while Atheism increases in the Western world

Courtesy of Richard, The Bowery Mission Growing up in the country, my parents taught me a good work ethic. I got my first job at a young age and enjoyed earning money. But when our family moved to the city, I started to experiment with alcohol

Extract from Article Courtesy of GatewayNews Christians throughout South Africa are intensifying prayer and worship initiatives in a bid to shift the spiritual atmosphere as the May 7 (National and Provincial) election draws closer. In Pretoria

Since September 2013, when I first heard about this organisation where they teach people how to fish rather than hand out fish, I read every article I could find and watched all the available videos. I just knew there had to be a ‘story behind

Courtesy of CharismaNews A 9-year-old boy might have saved his own life by singing a gospel song. Willie Myrick was kidnapped from his Atlanta driveway earlier this month by an unknown man. According to police, the kidnapper dropped him off

Courtesy of writer Mark Ellis, Mentally disturbed, he lived in the streets of Lucknow, India, and responded violently to anyone who attempted to approach him. But God moved one pastor’s heart to take him in, and the love of J

To me personally, Jesus Christ and what He did for us is the greatest of all miracles!     The Incarnation First and foremost, we serve a God who was prepared to become human!  The Creator became a part of His own creati

Courtesy of writer Mark Ellis, God Reports Afghanistan – Five Taliban attackers targeted what they thought was an underground church celebrating its first anniversary in Kabul. After they blew up a car at two adjoining gates, God confused th

Courtesy of writer George Thomas, CBN News Sr. Reporter A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus.  As the sun sets

This is an exceptionally long testimony, but absolutely worth a read, so get comfortable and enjoy… Courtesy of writer Nabeel Qureshi, Answering ". . . and the truth will set you free." I thank God Almighty for you

Contribution by Delma van der Merwe Sequence of events at the crucifixion: In Jewish tradition the Passover or Easter meal is celebrated on the Wednesday, because a Jewish day starts at sunset when the first star appears! Therefore, strictly sp

Courtesy of writer Tim Townsend, special to CNN When the killing began in earnest, Steven Gahigi fled his home in the Bugesera district of Rwanda to neighbouring Burundi. By the time he returned the next year, 52 members of his family were

Courtesy of writer Mark Ellis, GodReports Legendary actor Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood’s last surviving stars of its classic era, passed away April 6th from natural causes. He was 93. The award-winning actor became the biggest star in

Courtesy of writer Joan Hutter, Christian Aid Mission A few weeks ago I sat in the studio and watched as an international evangelist spoke to millions of people in the Muslim world through a TV camera. I sat there, along with a handful from th

Jim Denison, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, Posted on Christian Headlines As March Madness continues, Baylor played last night for a chance to continue in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.  The Bears had already gone further than

Courtesy of CBN News A young woman pulled from the wreckage of March's deadly mudslide in Washington State, is speaking out for the first time. From her Seattle hospital room, 22-year-old Amanda Skorjanc can still visualize mud and debris r

With the long awaited coming ‘Blood Moons’ on our doorstep, here’s a short summary of why these lunar eclipses might be more important than others. Courtesy of Roy Exum, John Hagee is one of the best-known

Courtesy of Gateway News A Johannesburg wife, Honey King, is giving God the glory for the dramatic and speedy recovery of her husband, Dennis, 66, who underwent head surgery on Thursday March 27 and was back home on Saturday, March 29. She said

Courtesy of Brittany Tedesco, Christian Aid Mission When I started working at Christian Aid Mission nearly 10 years ago, I was struck by the poverty of the native missionaries we assist. Most live in countries with extremely low GDPs, in nations u

Courtesy of Gateway News After 59 years of living in darkness, Theo (Vlooi) Terblanche stepped into the light when he was born again last year at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC). This week Vlooi is embarking on a 500km “Celebration

Courtesy of Erick Schenkel, Jesus Film Project Elizabeth and I just returned from the Yucatán Peninsula, where we helped show “The Story of Jesus for Children” and “Magdalena” in three villages on three consecuti

Courtesy of Gospel for Asia Habib was his parents’ only son, so they took care that he would pass on their beliefs to his three children. When Habib suddenly became ill, though, it seemed all their efforts over the years might have been for

Courtesy of Andre Viljoen - Gateway News God has been at work, both healing her son and convicting her and her husband to get more involved in ministry to students, said the Zambian mother of a 21-year-old student who is recovering in hospital in

Courtesy of Viviane Vo-Duc – Deseret News PROVO — A BYU student who suffered critical head injuries last week after being hit by a car just outside the campus boundaries is making remarkable progress. Lexi Hansen, 18, was alert and

Courtesy of Nico van der Merwe – God Business Life “Never make little plans” were the words Anita said to me on November 25, 2009 when I shared with her what I believed God instructed me to do and that is to develop a second camp

By Amber Picota – Courtesy of Spirit Fuel Something very interesting happened this morning. This morning I woke up very abruptly at exactly 5am. I was still sleepy, but I was wide awake with no chance of falling back asleep. During that

Contribution by Dirk Human – Courtesy of Road Safety Unfortunately I couldn’t find the story behind this incredible story, but these pictures are a story within itself… These were taken yesterday morning (12 March 2014) a

Courtesy of Godvine &    Her parents gave her the gift she always wanted.  But she only felt true joy when she gave up her gift to help a friend.  "I just really wanted a Jeep," said Chandler Lacefie

Written by Brad Livengood – Courtesy of OMNews Losing a loved one can leave a gap in one’s life. Such was the case in the life of Charles Halombwana in the town of Kabwe, Zambia. At age 13, Charles’s father, a local police office

Courtesy of Chicago - The Bible that a US bus driver kept in his pocket saved his life after it stopped two bullets from piercing his chest, stunned police said. "There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this in

Read Original Post Courtesy of Andre Viljoen – GatewayNews Bloemfontein Christian marketplace leader, Hennie Muller, 59, who narrowly escaped drowning in this year’s Midmar Mile, and survived a heart attack after the swimming race,

By Steve Hill – Courtesy of CharismaNews It happened in Spain while holding a street crusade. For 10 days, we had been faithfully witnessing on the streets with a team of more than 100 young people. We had handed out more than 25,000 pieces

By Greg Kernaghan – Courtesy of OM International & CharismaNews We’re hearing of women and whole families coming to Christ, which is significant. Normally we would know of individual men but, as the culture places such importance o

Courtesy of Katey Hearth, Mission Network News Online Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine is a powder keg ready to explode. Russia is keeping a tight grip on Crimea, and pro-Russia protests are spreading throughout Ukraine’s eastern and southern c

Her survival must be a miracle!  What do you think? Courtesy of News24 Auckland - New Zealand doctors said on Friday that a 7-year-old Japanese girl was bitten about 100 times during a dog mauling that has horrified many in the South Pacif

Courtesy of News24 Los Angeles - A blind man fell onto the tracks at a subway station as a train was arriving on Thursday, but he escaped unharmed by lying flat as the cars screeched to a halt above him, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County M

Written by Jim Denison, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture Courtesy of Christian Headlines Picture Courtesy of FoxNews Seven words set off a Twitter firestorm: "First off I want to thank God." Not because it's radical to th

Written by Dabney Hedegard – Courtesy of CharismaMag I used to be fearful of a lot of things. I worried about money. I agonized over work projects and whether I was competent to perform a job well done. Seeking the approval of others was an

Written by Jon Bennion-Pedley, Founder & CEO of J1010, Uganda You know………it’s actually going to work. God’s plan for my life. I am so appalled at my lack of faith and trust. And, sadly, so amazed at God&rsq

Picture - Courtesy of BBC News At first glance this seemed to be just another news article, but as I read it, I realised that this must be what God meant when He said ‘love your enemies… ‘ – Matt 5:43-48 Extract fro

Courtesy of Kelly Clark – Beyond the Ultimate When I was 18, I found myself in a place where I had accomplished everything that was in my heart to do. I had money, I had fame, I had an Olympic gold medal, I had won every major snowboarding e

By Luchae Williams – Courtesy of Gateway News An attempted rape on the Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape, South Africa) beachfront was dramatically averted early on Sunday morning when the victim began to pray out aloud that she was protected by

Courtesy of Ian McCormack – A Glimpse of Eternity One night while diving for lobster on the small Island of Mauritius I was stung on my forearm by 5 Box-Jellyfish, which the local Creole fishermen called "invisibles". A sting f

By Leonardo Blair, CP Reporter – Courtesy of The Christian Post Christian celebrity Sue Thomas, 64, who made history when she became the first deaf person to ever work as an undercover FBI investigator, says she was blindsided by former deaf

By Mark Ellis – Courtesy of God Reports Garbage and filth surrounded their makeshift shanty in a small-scale dump in Kigali, Rwanda. Five years ago, three street boys, David, Pacifique, and D’Amour lived in this squalor, their minds ob

By Carey Lodge – Courtesy of Christian Today Steve Stewart is the founder of Impact Nations, an international ministry passionate about sharing the Gospel and healing power of Jesus among the poorest communities around the world. His

Extract form Article – Originally written by Ruth Odia, Courtesy of Prophecy News Watch '"We have prayed for a revival for years and now it's here, but we never expected that God would use a civil war." The U.S. House Su

Extract from article published in Gateway News - Courtesy of Gateway News Scripture portions helped provide a flicker of faith as violence escalated in Ukraine on February 18 (2104). At least 25 were killed and hundreds injured as government force

By Marisa Fockema (The Witness) - Courtesy of Gateway News Hennie Muller, 59, from Tierpoort near Bloemfontein knows he could easily have drowned in this year’s Midmar Mile, just like Thabo van Straten. But unlike Van Straten, whose body

By Bill Yount – Courtesy of Bill Yount Blogspot When God Calls When God calls He rarely considers our plans. Where He leads often makes no sense. When I want to stay, He says, "Go!" When I want to go, He says, “Stay!" T

By Dustin Leed (Lancaster, PA) – Courtesy of Godvine Amber Martin had a rather ordinary Monday afternoon.  She did what a lot of typical teenagers do. She spent quality time with friends, family and pizza. In the midst of one o

By Artur Sedrakyan – Courtesy of Word of Life Church of Armenia On April 17, 1998 I was taken to prison on charges of killing a man. Someone wanted to hit my father with a knife during a dispute, but I hit him first and killed him. I was arr

By Anne Graham Lotz – Courtesy of CharismaMag "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned" (I

Courtesy of Impact Nations "The Spirit continues to pour out blessing through us and for us. Who is us? Here is us! In the morning, the coffee barista of the hotel came up to our team member Ray for his morning hug. Every day Ray hugs and spe

Written by Luchae Williams – Courtesy of Gatewaynews Cousins Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (15) and James Walter Bucong (19) give all the glory to God, after videos of them singing worship songs were featured on last week. God Vin

Written by Mark Ellis - Courtesy of GodReports He is a former high school basketball star who set records at his school and in the state of Indiana.  Looking forward to his sophomore year playing for Hope College, he pushed himself to stay in

Testimony of Luciano Scacco – Courtesy of The Bowery Mission My name is Luciano, and twenty years ago, I wanted to die... I was addicted to heroin and lost everything good in my life… my construction job, my home, my family. I

Extract from Testimony of N le Roux – Courtesy of Kerugma Productions This is the message we have heard from Him and announced to you, that God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). The angels ... are they not all

Written by Andrew Branch, WORLD News Service – Courtesy of World News Service & After spending Tuesday night, Jan. 28, stranded at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala., pastor Bill Boyd overhead a c

Written by Nathan Black, Christian Post Reporter – Courtesy of The Christian Post Millions of Super Bowl viewers got a dose of Scripture Sunday night when a Christian group’s John 3:16 commercial was unexpectedly aired. Just before

Written by Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter – Courtesy of The Christian Post A Texas high school student came up with a T-shirt design to help his classmates express their faith after a teacher was forced to remove a poster with a Chri

Written by Mark Volmink – Courtesy of GatewayNews Cedric Davids with his wife, Valene, and daughters, Tyra (left) and Chesne. “I was trapped in a world of drugs, darkness, loneliness, and despair.  Jesus rescued me and restored

Courtesy of eNCA BRAZIL - Jaw-dropping footage has emerged showing what five-year-old Joao Pedro Nascimento has described as a “miracle from God”. The boy and his grandmother, Vilma Teodoro, escaped serious injury after they were ru

Written by Luchae Williams – Courtesy of GatewayNews Cross walker De Wet Swanepoel, 38 and veteran prayer warrior and street evangelist Charles Probert, 64, reached Port Elizabeth this week after walking together for 1 000 km bearing a 4

Courtesy of Persecution, International Christian Concern (ICC) - Extract from January 2014 Newsletter. Valerie smiled shyly as she poured me the first of what would become countless cups of tea.  Her mother cut slices of bread, while her son

Courtesy of Whitaker House In 1972, Reinhard Bonnke heard a message from God: "Africa shall be saved." Obediently, Bonnke moved to Africa, where his ministry grew from humble roots to crusades drawing more than one million people per nig

Written by Sue Thoms – Courtesy of MLive GRAND RAPIDS, MI – When Sarah Farkas decided to donate a kidney to a man she barely knew, she broke the news to him one Sunday at church. “This is going to sound crazy,” she s

Written by Brian Nixon, ASSIST News Service – Courtesy of When I received the promotional information for Anointed Flutes the scripture verse on the front of the notebook said it all: "I can do all things through Chri

Extract from article written by Rob Kerby, Senior Editor – Courtesy of (March 2011) At the height of Egypt’s recent riots, on the evening of January 29th, Egypt’s “Day of Rage,” many businesses

This article reminded me again that God called each and every one of us as His disciple – no matter our age or any other physical trait we might have – the most important thing is that if God called you for a specific task, obey Him n

Written by Judy – Courtesy of My whole life I have always been quiet. I speak soft, so I get talked over a lot. Many times people I am around are very quick on their feet when it comes to thinking, talking and praying. Ov

Written by Gina Meeks – Courtesy of An Israeli woman who had a malignant tumour that almost took her leg had nothing left to do but pray.  Miraculously, her prayers worked and she was healed. Therese Daoud was schedu

Courtesy of News24 Port Elizabeth - Stuck in a thorn tree, a family's prayers were answered when the flash flood that had washed their car down a normally dry Karoo ravine subsided minutes after it started, ‘Die Burger’ reported on

Testimony of Jeff Harshbarger, an Ex-Satanist, Director of Refuge Ministries I was an eclectic or self-styled Satanist. In other words, if it worked, I used it. I started out basically a philosophical Satanist; LaVeyan Satanism. But, I found out t

Actress Meagan Good: ‘We believe that both [Christianity and Show Business] can come together...  Christian Beliefs Have Kept Me From Some Movie Roles, 'But Something Better Always Comes Along'… Written by Christine Thom

Courtesy of News24 Taipei - A Taiwanese man has miraculously survived a 60-hour ordeal drifting in rough seas off the island's east coast even though he cannot swim, local media reported on Monday. Tseng Lien-fa was catching baby eels on a

Written by Melissa Barnhart, CP Reporter – Courtesy The Christian Post Video – Courtesy of – Video available under ‘Video Clips’ Kristine McGuire, a wife and mother, became intrigued with ghost hunting and
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