I grew up in a small town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Like most Afrikaans households, I was raised in a traditional Afrikaans church, believing in the Tri-unity of God, but the working and the gifts of the Holy Spirit was not talked about – like a brother in jail, you know he exists, but you don’t talk about it!  The standard answer was that the working of the Holy Spirit was only for the establishment of the church in the early days of Christianity.   Not knowing any better, I left it at that.

From an early age I had premonitions, dreams and visions which made me think there was something terribly wrong with me.  It was definitely not something one discusses with anyone else, so I just had to learn to live with this ‘abnormality’. 

Years later my first child was born with a heart defect!  When things got tuff, the first order of business has always been to pray and in this situation it was about all I did: pray and visit the hospital!  The heart operation at age 5 month was a success, but then she choked and just suddenly stopped breathing!  That was the one and only time in my life I actually fainted!  She survived and has a healthy, sporty life!  I believe this was a good combination of medical intervention and prayer.

Child number 2 was born also with a heart defect!  This time I cracked and asked God to let this cup pass me by!  When my son was 3 months old, there was no sign of any heart defect and I could just praise God!  However, could it have been a coincidence?  Yes, I know: “Oh ye of little faith”.

And then came along child number 3, born three weeks early, with a heart defect and a hernia! At 2 weeks he had to have an emergency operation for the hernia, but being premature his lungs wasn’t fully formed, with the result that the oxygen given during the operation damaged his lungs!  By age 3 months there was no sign of a heart defect, but he was in and out of hospital with pneumonia!

When he was 6 months old and yet again in ICU, the paediatrician called me aside and sternly told me that my son will not live till morning!  I must have looked like a zombie, because she took me by the shoulders and slightly shook me to make sure I heard what she said!  When she left, I prayed like I’ve never prayed before in my life.  Eventually I put my hand on my son and told him that whatever is attacking him is not from God so he has to fight it, or he’ll die!

Having two young children at home and a husband who had to work in the evenings, I had to leave my frail little baby boy and go home.  Weird enough, I was at peace!  I just did not accept the idea of my son dying!  Early the next morning, arriving at hospital, the shocked and excited nurse showed me my son’s chart – miraculously his health made a U-turn!  Today, this son of mine is a very healthy, sporty young man of 22.  There is no way on earth that his healing was a coincidence!  It took 3 kids to get me to understand that the Holy Spirit is as active as ever!

After this I had a hunger for the truth about the Holy Spirit and the more I searched the more He revealed Himself to me.  I eventually realised that my premonitions, dreams and visions are not an abnormality!  Needless to say I moved to a church were the Holy Spirit is a reality!  Seeing and experiencing God at work is the one thing which makes my blood fizz with excitement and so this blog was born!

To keep the blog alive, I need you to share your Holy Spirit experiences with me!

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