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Your Breakthrough is at Hand…

Courtesy of Joe Joe Dawson, New Breed Revivalists Network and Charisma Magazine

Late on Easter night before I went to bed, I had a moment with the Lord. I just wasn't praying, but rather there was a deep groan that came from my soul and spirit asking God for a visitation from Him through prophetic dreams and visions that night. I remember saying, "God, I am so desperate for a dream that will speak to my wife and I about our future, the future of our city, region and our nation. I remember going to sleep with great expectation that my God was going to speak to me. I knew that when the Lord visited me with a prophetic dream that it was going to be a kairos moment that would be a marking point for our future.

At 2:55 a.m., I woke up, having just experienced a prophetic dream. In the dream, the sky was filled with an angelic battle. The dream was so clear, and the heavens were filled with heavenly angels and demonic powers engaged in warfare. Then suddenly a loud roar from heaven came. Then all of the demonic angels were blown away and fell to the wayside. There was a glorious burst of light, and the dream was filled with a glow, and gold filled the place and overtook the vision. When I awakened, I heard this phrase over and over again. "Now is the time, now is the time, now is the time." I got up out of bed and started to pray in the Spirit. As I kept praying, for about 15 minutes I continued to hear these same words, "Now is the time." I continued walking around my house, praying and seeking the Lord. I looked up and it was 3:46 a.m. It seemed that I had only been up for a moment. I continued to pray, and as I prayed, I could still hear the echo of that phrase in my spirit, Now is the time." I would hear this, and it would repeat in 15-minute segments. Then around 4 o'clock, the Lord spoke to me and said "Breakthrough is at hand." My friends, I continued praying, and then I heard the phrase over and over again, "Now is the time." It was probably about 4:30 a.m. when I heard the Lord speak a third time. He said, "Jesus is ruling in your favour."

My friends, the only way I can explain this encounter is that it felt like the kingdom of God exploded inside of me. This is one of the top five God experiences I have ever had. The power and presence of God was not just around me but exploded within me and overtook me. I found myself on the ground, and I started laughing and weeping. I was overcome with joy because I knew three things: "Now is the time—breakthrough is at hand —Jesus is ruling in my favour."

As I remained in the place of prayer, the Lord reminded me of what He had spoken to me numerous times the week before Easter Sunday. I felt the Lord repetitively saying, "This is not just another Easter, this is not a normal Easter. People celebrate that I have risen, but now I want to celebrate my body rising, which is the church." A few times the week leading up to Easter, the Lord spoke very specifically and said, "From seven days to 21 days after Easter Sunday, I am about to move on people's lives and situations in a way that will blow them away." These are things that have overwhelmed people in the past seasons, but God is about to overwhelm them in their next season of their life. During this encounter, the Lord showed me that suddenly the miraculous hand of God is about to perform many signs, wonders and miracles among His people. The children of God who have not let up in the place of prayer are about to have their breakthrough, because Jesus is ruling in their favour, and now is the time! 

Courtesy of Joe Joe Dawson, New Breed Revivalists Network and Charisma Magazine

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

Posted by Cecile Venter – 2017-04-28

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